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Manager Training


Managers have additional training in:

Screening applicants

Crafting a tough anti-violence policy

Training front-line supervisors and greeters

The 8 known warning signs of violent employee behavior

Crafting a tough anti-violence policy

A checklist if violence occurs

Implementing a workplace violence and weapons policy

Sample policies


Our training team comes with over thirty years of experience. Manager training is one hour or longer based upon the needs of the client.


Employee Training

Introduction-Emergency Response Procedures & Protocols

Evacuation Plan

Medical Emergencies

When to Activate This Emergency Response Plan

Crisis Notification Procedures

Bomb Threats/Suspicious Packages

Workplace Violence (In general)

Hostage Situation-Unseen Witness

Suspected Kidnapping/Kidnapping

Handling Irate Customers

Active Shooter

Employees are normally trained for 45 minutes, but this can be extended for a more in depth look at some of the topic areas.